This guide is going to explain to you ways to acquire the most useful companies in Mount & Blade two Bannerlord. We’ll also discuss a few ways that you are able to utilize your partners. You obtain companions, as the party develops bigger each using their particular skills they could degree.

It’s really a fantastic idea to amuse the companions as possible at the start of the game in order that they level up beside you as you play with the game. Here it is possible to get each one different companion in Bannerlord, to begin.

The Way To Discover Companions at Bannerlord

Head left of this screen.

By the Clan page, then click in your portrait from the left of this screen and head into the”House” tab. The Encyclopedia tab opens. We want to navigate into the”Heroes” page.

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On the left side of this Heroes page, look at out the box under Occupation called Wanderer. This is the way you can observe every Companion.

Companions at Mount & Blade two Bannerlord

Reference the location on the map each company can be found by you, to observe. Should you click to an individual you are able to see their personality sheet where they shine as a way to figure out.

You might discover where that company had been seen. Examine the very top of this window and also you also should say something which says”Last seen in [location] today.”

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Click the town recorded in this section, and it’s going to mention some information regarding this city. You’ll notice a path button you are able to select. Should we select this and exit into our game, we’ll have a mark for the position of this city.

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At which is located, you can go on into location or this settlement. Companions can proceed to settlements that are separate you arrive, mount and blade 2 bannerlord all skills explained, therefore assess in their location.

It’s possible to save the game before coming at the payoff, and reload by the spot when your NPC isn’t there. An NPC is going to be displayed inside that payoff at the of this screen. It’s different each time, is not there, reload and try again, thus when. Speak to the NPC and use them. This really is the procedure of companies that are hiring.

Most Useful Companions at Mount & Blade two Bannerlord

Erta has intellect and Medication abilities.


Churig Frostbear — Using rehearse competencies and quality, Churig performs well in combat and is going to be at scouting well. This really is a superb selection to get a scout company.


Ilmir the blessed — Having someone with approaches will give you a hand. Be certain that you throw some things because his Cunning is a bit low, therefore he becomes into Cunning if you choose Ilmir.


Apys that the Robber — Apys can be just really actually a Rogue with Cunning and 60 Roguery. He ends up being quite an excellent addition to this party and will degree his Roguery.


Agna that the shield-maiden — There are. Agna that the shield-maiden excels using 200 skill that is natural. She has skills and high-riding that can make her more effective.

Deciding on the companies is dependent upon your playstyle. Complement your personality and make sure you have a fantastic bash makeup, with combat pro, along with also a design, tactician, rogue, scout.

As you hire them that they are almost nude, Don’t forget to present your companions also a horse and also some gear.

If you would like to strengthen your own adventure, have a look at our set of most useful mods for both Mount and Blade two Bannerlord.

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