The best way to purchase steroids is online.

Every dedicated bodybuilder at some time in his or her career must decide whether to utilize steroids or not. If the answer to this question is “yes,” he should go on to the following one: “Where do I obtain them, where do I buy steroids?”

There weren’t many options back then, so you would go to the biggest guy in the gym, strike up a conversation with him, and then ask him if he could get you some, hoping for the best. Today, things are a little different. People won’t offer steroids to complete strangers because they are afraid of the authorities because the government is becoming tighter and the punishments are severe. For the same reasons, potential clients are also reluctant to inquire frequently about steroids. Thank goodness, Internet sales became a viable alternative, especially the website

The Internet wasn’t first given much respect by bodybuilders; in fact, it was largely disregarded. Let’s face it, the majority of bodybuilders weren’t particularly interested in a nerdy online community that catered to nerds. Simply put, bodybuilders weren’t geeks. However, things began to change gradually when individuals realized they could easily contact with anyone around the world using the Internet. Bodybuilders also found that they could communicate with a lot more people online than they could at the gym, and all of these people shared their thoughts, knowledge, best practices, and mistakes. And they could do that in total secrecy from the comfort of their own homes.

Naturally, as more people began exchanging ideas, more people became aware that they might inquire about where to get anabolic steroids. They were also informed that sources will soon start selling their goods to others. As a result, online steroid orders increased dramatically. Unfortunately, thieves quickly recognized they could just promise to sell steroids to a possible buyer and then cease replying after they had been paid. These so-called scammers significantly reduced people’s trust in internet sources and decreased true Internet steroid sales.

Why would anyone want to shop online in the first place? After all, if you order in person, you can at least visually inspect the products right away; you won’t send money to random people and never know whether you’ll see it again; and if the equipment is phony, you always know who to contact. These are all excellent justifications for using well-known sources, like those in the gym, but they only hold water if the source is already recognized or is presented via a middleman. On the other hand, when a young bodybuilder without any ties seeks to purchase equipment directly, he is met with challenging questions. Who should I ask, is he trustworthy, will he tell others about me, and if he talks, would people think I’m a drug user? There has been a constant debate over whether or not that other individual is a police officer in the previous several years as a result of the rules being progressively stricter. Even if one is prepared to disregard that, a possible source might not. These are crucial inquiries, and for many people, maintaining their identity is more vital than the few money they might lose to a con artist.

On the other hand, it is well recognized that you are anonymous online. Nobody will criticize you for using steroids when you post a question on a public steroid forum, such as which is better, Sustanon or Deca. It is only available to that particular public board or organization, even if anyone would want to. When you decide to place a purchase online, the only information you actually divulge is your address. Once more, this information is kept on an Internet server and is inaccessible to outsiders. You never have to reveal any information about what you paid for when placing an online order. It merely takes a few clicks and a little typing to complete an online purchase with some more sophisticated providers. Online ordering has its drawbacks, of course. For example, it is impossible to predict when or even if you will receive the products you order because shipping takes time. However, if you do some study beforehand and pay attention to some fundamental rules for evaluating steroid suppliers (a separate post will be published soon ;)), you can avoid this final problem.

So it’s clear that getting steroids online has more benefits than drawbacks and is actually quicker and better than seeking for sources in gyms (without any prior connections). It has the benefit of anonymity and complete deniability in the face of the law, however it is far from flawless. Therefore, it is the ideal option for anyone looking to obtain steroids.

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Jeff Miller

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