Tile Saw Buying Guide

There is absolutely no scarcity of tile saw goods out there. From little, DIY fingers cutters, to big manufacturing tile saws, you have got lots of possibilities. No matter if you’re a seasoned tiler, or you’re just getting started with the initial project, you could be asking yourself which to decide on.

On this page, we will talk about the various kinds of tile saw. We’ll assist you to know the distinctions between each kind. We’ll also give you some elementary advice on deciding on a best professional tile saw, to enable you to have the correct choice. Ultimately, we’ll go over which saws could be appropriate for your project, based on the scale of your respective undertaking, and the different types of tile that you will be employing.

Click or rail cutters

Snap or rail cutters are not technically a “saw”, but they are utilized for some small-level DIY tasks. It functions by using a scoring tire to help make serious lines from the tile fabric, weakening it across a “shear line”. Following the tile is scored, it might be broken or “snapped” healthy, therefore the name.

Click cutters are exceedingly inexpensive and simple to operate. However, snaps tend not to generally cause very straight collections, which is not best unless your floor tiles are being cut to fit against a baseboard.

Hand held wet tile saws

Hand-held wet tile saws make use of a gemstone-layered cutting tire in a palm-kept housing, just like a circular saw. Typically, an on-board box or hose keeps the tile wet. You are able to cut dried out, but this can suggest you’ll transmit a number of dirt debris – so dress in a encounter cover up.

Hand held wet tile saws are often useful for touch-ups during tile installs. Cordless and corded versions can be found, and they also can be used area of expertise slashes like L-slices and U-reductions. Nevertheless, they are not ideal for extended use.

Tabletop wet tile saws

Many tile saws match this group. This kind of saw works with a decreasing tire installed under the dinner table. The tire rotates in the water swimming pool area, retaining it cool and eradicating dirt.

Table top wet tile saws are personal-covered models, for example the Rubi ND-180 Tile Saw. They are generally smaller sized and a lot more transportable than business expense units, but they’re smaller, so that they are significantly less suited to big-size jobs.

Motor wet tile saws

This group helps make up most specialist-class tile saws. This particular tile saw uses a kitchen table and a rail method to steer the tile with the tire, which can be installed on the top of the dinner table.

These units generally are made with the adaptable stand up, allowing them to be employed standing upright. Specialized pumps are used to source water to help keep the tire awesome, and reduce dirt levels.

Examples of this kind of saw are the Rubi DX-350-N Tile Saw, Rubi DC-250 Tile Saw, Rubi DU-250 Tile Saw, and Rubi DS-250 Tile Saw. These saws are liked by professionals, while they merge durability and portability having a highly effective design and style that can cut most porcelain ceramic resources.

Should you be tiling greater than a small bathroom or another modest location, you will likely need either a tabletop wet saw, or perhaps an business expense engine wet tile saw. A palm-kept product or perhaps a “snap” cutter basically is not going to supply the power and flexibility you will need for a larger task.

Selecting A Tile Saw

As you now understand the essentials concerning the unique kinds of tile saw, you should also understand a bit in regards to the additional factors you should think about when choosing out a tile saw. In this area, we’ll explore everything you should take into account.


The trans portability and proportions of a tile saw are essential when picking a tile saw. You don’t have to get a tile saw that’s too big, but a tile saw which is too small can be quite inconvenient.

Usually, you’ll want to select a saw that can cut 1000 millimeters – about 39 inches – in a single move. The overwhelming majority of tiles you will cut will fit in this range.

However, if you’re reducing smaller sized tiles, you could get a smaller plus more mobile tile saw. It all depends on the largest dimension in the tiles you’re slicing.


You will require a saw that can bevel floor tiles (cut them in an position). Beveling a tile can help you produce a much more easy, attractive move. All Rubi Tile saws support beveling, so that you can’t get it wrong, there!


Horsepower is a key thing to consider for tile saws. Simply put, the greater number of packed and challenging your tile is, the more horsepower you will need to cut it cleanly. A slim masonry tile won’t need significantly power – but a thicker ceramic tile will.

As an example, a DC-250 Tile Saw from Rubi may be great for a reduced kitchen area, as it possesses a 1.5 hp engine. But if you are reducing heavier, tough ceramic tiles, you may need a DX-350-N, with a 4 Hewlett Packard motor unit.

Accuracy and reliability

A prolonged dinner table makes it much simpler to expand your slicing capacity, and make better slashes on lengthy components. Furthermore, some tile saWs such as the DX-350-N from Rubi incorporate accuracy and precision characteristics similar to a laser light level. This makes it much easier to generate perfectly right, real cuts.

Blade dimension

Blade size is a vital thing to consider for tile saws. Usually, you must pick a 10” blade. Whilst an 8” blade is OK for several jobs, 10” rotor blades can cut a lot more seriously, and so are much more suitable for diverse assignments.

Anti dirt features

Anything good tile saw uses h2o to keep the blade and tile cool, and minimize the dispersal of dirt within your work area. A manageable water pump is perfect, since you can modify the amount of drinking water used.

Should you keep every one of these aspects under consideration, you will have the ability to opt for the right tile saw for the venture.

What Tile Saw Is Right

Still need to have a recommendation for which tile saw to use for your project? We are here to help you. Let’s talk about the right tile saw for every project you could be taking up, based upon dimension.

DIY Tasks

For any smaller sized, DIY task, you probable won’t have to make a lot of tile reductions, and you’ll be using a lot more lean ceramic tiles, such as restroom or kitchen area floor tiles. Which means that a smaller tile saw just like the Rubi DU-250 Tile Saw or Rubi ND-180 Tile Saw would be the appropriate selection for you.

These saws are versatile and powerful enough for all DIY tasks, and they are a lot more inexpensive than their larger sized brethren.

Medium tasks

If you’re renovating a larger home to “flip” it, or you’re tiling a big room and have to make difficult cuts – or you’re using varied supplies – you’ll need a more powerful and size able tile saw.

For these sorts of jobs, an even more potent saw like the Rubi DC-250 Tile Saw is a great choice. If you need a laser light leveler, the Rubi DS-250-N Tile Saw is another excellent option. With potent engines and sophisticated anti-dirt characteristics, these saws may help you make simple job of your own following project.

Industrial assignments

For bigger professional projects, you’ll want a higher-powered tile saw that could run for a number of several hours consistently, and this can cut including the most heavy, very long, and durable floor tiles. In addition, reliability is actually a key issue, therefore you will need a laser light stage.

This simply means the Rubi DX-350-N Tile Saw may be the best option. It possesses a effective 4 Hewlett Packard engine and might operate for three hours constantly, and may be used on a variety of earthenware tiles, from ceramic to marble, granite, and also fireproof bricks and facade bricks.

Furthermore, it can handle a lateral quit for repeating reductions, and incorporates a 2 mW laser light plotter to assist you cut your ceramic tiles cleanly and efficiently, plus a flip-style stand up and circle stage ensure it is simple to put it together on just about any form of ground.

No matter what form of venture you’re taking on, you will find Rubi resources readily available that can help you operate better. From DIY assignments to industrial, business refurbishments, you can find a Rubi tile saw which will be perfect to do the job.

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